Professionals Work is excellent. I recommend Prokriti. Very happy with the quality of work. I will have more projects for them in future.
P. S. Bedi

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Custom Application Development

Change has become an inevitable law of the business and when the technologies are developing continuously, you daily have to deal with the multiple requirements of the clients. And so you might have to face few business challenges when you find your application inapplicable for fulfilling the clients’ needs. There comes need of a partner who understands your technical needs and designs a Customized Application for you.

Success in the IT industry highly depends on the accurate synergy of technical applications with innovative ideas and strategic techniques. Customization and development of softwares to expand your creative potential and effectiveness is the need of the hour. With Prokriti’s services, you get tailor made softwares to suit your business objectives.

Our competent team at Prokriti possesses expertise in development technologies over a wide range of custom programming platforms including JAVA and PHP among others. During the different phases of development, all aspects of your project are given due consideration. Equall importance is given to the presentation and the technology of particular software. Care is also taken to make your software secure. Thorough testing process is conducted to avoid any flaws or mal-functioning. Prokriti also offers life-long maintenance for your software.

The services provided under our application development portfolio are:
  • Customized application design, development, and implementation
  • Systems integration/consolidation
  • Re-engineering, performance tuning, and porting services
  • Implementation of packages
  • Feasibility and requirement analysis for business case
With our well-defined methodologies, we endeavor to provide you with reliable, secure, robust and easy to maintain business applications. Apart from this, our team strongly focuses on quality output and on-time delivery. Our well-defined processes and productive solutions aim to solve your complex problems and cover gaps to help you achieve your targets.

Our team possesses vast experience and process-oriented development methods and we have catered to clients globally upgrading and customizing their present applications with the latest technologies.

With our custom application development services, we will
  • Enhance the effectiveness and management of the application for better productivity
  • Visualize your requirement in the near future and upgrade accordingly
  • Fill unseen gaps for a smooth flow to your application
  • Give you an edge over your competition