Professionals Work is excellent. I recommend Prokriti. Very happy with the quality of work. I will have more projects for them in future.
P. S. Bedi

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* A Lab For Software Research & Development. Provide complete solutions for all Custom Application Development, Web Development, ERP Solution, Embedded Development, Software Quality Assurance, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management Solution, Web Content Management Solution. *


Prokriti’s services span the entire application lifecycle. Our comprehensive delivery options enable us to distribute work across global locations to align with clients’ cost, spped and risk requirements. With experience in the latest technologies and standards, Prokriti offer many of the core services that orgnizations require such as software development, web development, quality assurance, testing, implementation and maintenance of existing software. With following list of services we are ready to serve our clients in successfully copleting their software projects.

Financial Services
Financial services companies have become increasingly reliant on IT resources. Whether the application focuses on stock trading, credit card authorization, or mortgage loan approval, the demand for scalable software development and IT resources is growing rapidly. Financial services providers benefit from Prokriti's scalable, cost-effective combination of onshore and offshore management, and development resources. Our robust solutions help financial services companies realize increased efficiencies while offering their customers profitable new services.

Entertainment and Media
Prokriti's skills in developing and implementing customized solutions have made us one of the leading solutions providers for the entertainment and media industry. We possess the expertise required to implement and customize a wide variety of solutions, from simple websites to complex database driven web applications, to suit the requirements of individual clients.

Our expertise in developing customized solutions has made us one of the prominent names in field the entertainment and media industry. We possess the skills that are required to develop and implement a wide variety of digital solutions, from simple to complex driven web applications to suit the requirements of our clients.

Travel and Hospitality
Gone are the days when one had to stand in long queues to get tickets booked and make unlimited calls for searching and booking a hotel for their travel. Today with the expanse of the internet in every household, the travel and hospitality industry has also spread its reach and is providing faster and better services to the customers. Just a few clicks and you have your ticket, hotel, sight-seeing tours booked within minutes.

Today the travel industry is well connected with each country giving high importance to tourism. Special packages and schemes are being offered to customers globally for almost all the destinations across the world.

With new trends and expectations of the customers, competition within the industry has also increased. Complete travel services from worldwide hotel reservations, package tours, airport transfers, sight-seeing tours among others are being provided. Travel companies are largely outsourcing online processing services and customized booking engines and others for increased visibility and customer satisfaction.

At Prokriti, we recognize the needs of your customers, for their various accommodation requirements and provide you with following services giving you a cutting edge over competition. We understand travel, last minute bookings, destination travel guides and reliable customer support are essential for an enriching travel experience.

Retail Industry
In the extra-competitive retail industry, customer satisfaction rarely guarantees loyalty. New sales formats, diversity of products, new distribution channels, and many other factors are forcing retailers across all segments to find innovative IT solutions to better their customer servicing. With our innovative retail solutions, we help organizations to identify and build relationship with profitable, loyal customers and stay ahead of competition.

We have years of experience in servicing the IT needs of retail industry of all types including departmental stores chains, specialty retailers, grocery chains, discount stores, and internet / online stores. We also have expertise in inventory management solutions, which help retailers improve their operational efficiencies, reduce minimize stock level requirement and automate their processes to align with billing, sales, finance and customer relationship management.

Insurance Industry
Today's customers and investors want total operational transparency through effective utilization of technology. Smart organizations have reoriented their business around customers. No wonder organizations are going an extra mile to reach and serve the customer. Technology has played a key role in this effort to compete in this market. Internet technologies allow insurance companies to provide direct web access to their policyholders/customer to view and update their insurance records online. This personalized web-access service takes client servicing to an entirely new level, while increasing customer loyalty and value chain. Across the globe insurance companies are acknowledging the benefits of streamlined web-based workflow automation.

Prokriti's insurance solution provides a comprehensive tool for the insurance industry to improve process efficiencies, reduce operational costs, improve new market reach, improve customer satisfaction and maximize margins.

Real Estate
Prokriti helps build web based solutions that provide real estate agents, brokers, buyers and sellers with a platform to share information, communicate and transact online.

Automobile Industry
Automobile industry is a vast and rapidly growing sector. As the demand for new improved vehicles is increasing, so is the need for automation of these industries. Intense competition in this sector calls for majors to reduce cost of production and improve customer care, supply chain management, and marketing and sales management along with overall business process automation.

Prokriti’s Automobile industry specific solutions offer you a complete range of IT solutions and supporting services to meet your business requirements. Some of our solutions to the industry include:
  • Production Automation
  • Supply Chain Management
Manufacturing is a process, where we transform raw materials into a product to meet customer's requirements, and it involves many stages. Increasing competition, global manufacturing scenario, changing customer needs, new supply chain problems, and many other problems in the manufacturing process call for the need of a system, which can facilitate the production process to be cost effective, accurate, time saving and help the organization to stay ahead of its competition.

Prokriti’ manufacturing solutions facilitate you to control all stages and bottlenecks of your manufacturing business-be it order processing, bill of material (BOM), material-resource planning (MRP), production planning and control (PPC), purchase, inventory management, production scheduling, quality management, job costing, and more. When your implement a Binary's manufacturing solution, you empower your manufacturing business to accomplish the desired results consistently.