Professionals Work is excellent. I recommend Prokriti. Very happy with the quality of work. I will have more projects for them in future.
P. S. Bedi

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* A Lab For Software Research & Development. Provide complete solutions for all Custom Application Development, Web Development, ERP Solution, Embedded Development, Software Quality Assurance, Customer Relationship Management, Content Management Solution, Web Content Management Solution. *

Services Overview

"We have helped organizations leverage on their IT infrastructure through our length
and breadth of IT services. "

Since our founding, we’ve been seeking new and better ways to deliver business value from technology. Across industries, we’ve delivered breakthrough business solutions — on time and on budget. Our track record for delivering on time and on budget is nearly three times the industry average.

Our teams bring a deep understanding of your industry and your customers, partners, competitors and processes. We also provide the creativity and breakthrough thinking needed to help you take a leadership position.

Custom Application Development

Our Custom Application Development Outsourcing Services are designed to meet the most complex requirements in terms of application concepts, software architecture and specifications. Our goal is to deliver you a package of functionalities that will help your organization optimize performance, following the shortest path from concept to deployment. more..

Web Solutions

Business without web presence is like living in one end of the globe without any communication with the world. Businesses, whether big or small, are making their presence felt on the internet with a website. They are adopting strategic marketing techniques for added value and to generate more business leads. The team behind every website is working harder to attract more traffic and convert their visitors into customers.more..

Enterprise Resource Planning

Though ERP systems have delivered a lot value in streamlining enterprise processes, companies face the related extensive challenges of upgrades, support, integration, change management, cost control and schedule overruns.more..

Software Quality Assurance

Strategic testing and debugging is essential to enhance the quality of the software and obtain all the objectives. It is necessary to work under a consistent software quality control policy to maintain the quality level of the services. Software Testing and Quality Management is a vital stage of SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) for enduring quality service. The pragmatic and flexible quality policy enables any enterprise to be effective IT consultant by delivering consistently quality applications.more..

Customer Relationship Management

In today's atmosphere of scalable growth, businesses need to start thinking of ways to increase employee retention and bring on new staff. Businesses must make the most of information available via customer interactions by systematically obtaining, maintaining and sharing it across all customer touch points. In order to boost returns from their customer relationships, and the customer information they acquire, many organizations are adopting industry-accepted business models and best practices.more..

Content Management System

Content Management Solutions is a popular and empowering technology that enables someone with little technical knowledge to perform complex tasks on their website with ease. CMS enables one to add and/or manipulate content on a Web site. Typically, a CMS consists of two elements: the Content Management Application (CMA) and the Content Delivery Application (CDA). The CMA element enables the content manager or the administrator, who may not know HTML, to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a Webmaster.more..

Embedded System Development

Embedded software is a highly specialized area of software development and closely linked with systems programming. Prokriti relies heavily on innovation and cutting-edge technologies to provide a wide spectrum of reliable hardware solutions and applications. Prokriti offers state-of-the-art embedded solutions for various industries. more..