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Web Content Management System

What is a content management system?
A content management system allows you to easily add, edit or remove content on your website without the need for advanced IT or programming skills. Edits can be made via a simple interface called WYSIWYG that is accessed through a web browser, meaning you can update your website wherever you are, whenever you wish. Updates are made in real time and no special software is required.

The benefits of a content management system for a small business
For a small business, the cost and time saving benefits of being able to update and edit your own website or e-commerce system and access your own data are vast. You can:
  • Instantly update the content on your website – add new products, change prices, promote special offers, correct out-of-date information, report your latest news
  • Change your text, images, videos and document downloads
  • Add new pages to your website as your business grows and your product or service range expands
  • Add your own meta tags to help optimise your pages for search engine success
  • View visitor statistics to browse valuable information on visitor numbers, popular pages and search engine referrals
All without having to wait for a website designer to do it for you, without their hourly charge and without the cost of purchasing any editing software. If you decide you want to run a special offer to boost sales one month, then you can access your content management system and set it up immediately wherever you are, providing you have access to the internet!

Some of the programs are listed below:
    Joomla is a free and open source CMS that has been developed to be user friendly, even for non-programmers. It's good for corporate and small business websites, non-profit organizations, schools and churches, even online magazines and newspapers. Newer releases allow programmers and web designers to use a layout feature, to create their own templates. Joomla aims to help non-technical users add or edit content, update images, and requires only basic word processing skills to operate.

    Drupal is another free CMS programs that you can download. This program works great for bloggers, corporate sites and community sites. It is relatively easy to use, and there are a lot of great tutorials and templates already posted online to help you navigate through this program. Drupal is developed by a large community of online users and developers.